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Peek-a-Boo, I see you and I hope you see me, too! And, yes, my ears are always this way...one up, one down. I'm a very good girl and only about 1 year old. My personality? It matches this face. I LOVE to snuggle and, if allowed, will sleep with my people (under the covers is my preference). I've shared a home with dogs of all sizes and got along well with them. I'd enjoy having another doggie friend. Walks are fun and I don't even mind the cold. And I'm house-trained, going to the door and whining when I need to potty. One thing to keep in mind, I might sneak out a door or go for a big run if you don't have me on a leash. Hey, sometimes I feel like having an adventure. But I know it is best I tell you that up front. Please stop in and ask to meet me!

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KC Stevens



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