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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


Check this morning's Question Impossible
MON-01/26/15 Early 60's...and THE TWIST was much more than just a novelty...it's the only song in recording history to chart #1, drop out of the Top 100...then...rechart at #1 AGAIN. CHUBBY CHECKER did it, getting his name from Dick Clark's wife as a take off on another R@R legend...name him...

You get Chubby Checker from...FATS DOMINO...GET IT ?? devil   


What is "GRAUPEL" ?? No worries...you won't find it in your shower !! It's when snowflakes partially melt, then freeze as they fall...freezing drizzle ??
WED-01/21/15 It's GEOGRAPHY...STATESIDE on Q.I. today. Name THE ONLY STATE THAT BORDERS JUST ONE STATE ?? Head for the great Northeast...the state is MAINE...bordered only by New Hampshire...
THU-01/22/15 Happy B-Day to Steve Perry of Journey fame...turns 66 today...and back in 1985 was one of some 21 voices who were a part of one huge collabrative recording...name it... "WE ARE THE WORLD"...we are the people...come on....sing !!! :)
FRI-01/23/15 It started out as an empty pie tin from Frisbee's Bakery in Bridgeport, Conn. but today, in 1957, this toy company manufactured and released the "plastic saucer" we've all come to know and love...name that toy company !! Why WHAMO of course...you still got your Frisbee at the ready for a game of catch ??





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