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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


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MON-10/20/14 The great Burt Lancaster passed away at the age of 80...leaving us a legacy of tremendous films...4 time Academy Award nominee, he won ONCE for what film ???

1960's ELMER GANTRY...you thump that Bible Burt  :)                


The movie "Mystic Pizza" debuted this night in 1988...everybody remembers Julia Roberts though it wasn't her 1st film...it was the debut film for another actor though who's reached a level of sucess the equal of his co-star. He played STEAMER, the younger brother of Julia's pursuer...who might that be ??

Look close and there's MATT DAMON...his 1st film !!!
WED-10/22/14 A "Famous First" 4 U today...the FIRST PARACHUTE JUMP (of note) is made by Andre-Jacques Gamerinfrom a hydrogen ballon 3,200 ft. above Paris...fortunately for him, it worked !! Ahhhh...but whose INVENTION is the PARACHUTE ??
Consult his notes...it sprung first from the fertile mind of the great LEONARDO DA VINCI !!!
THU-10/16/14 Americans LOVE their automobiles...and on this date in 1958, Chevy releases the EL CAMINO, a combination sedan-pick up truck built on the body of which already existing Chevy model ?? You could tell from the "cat's eye" tail lights and dramatic rear fins...it had to be THE IMPALA !!
FRI-10/17/14 Everybody knows his name...on "Cheers"...HEY NORM...and ma'boy GEORGE WENDT birthday's today. Yep... we all know NORM, but what about NORM'S LAST NAME ??? Yep...Sam Malone, Cliff Claven, and Norm...PETERSON !! That's right !!!


P.J. Harrigan



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