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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


Check this morning's Question Impossible

Legendary actor ROBERT DENIRO birthdays today...many times nominated for BEST ACTOR, but did not win The Oscar until what film ??

Not until he reunited with Martin Scorsese for RAGING BULL did Deniro win for Best Actor...so many great film performances though... yes


He's 79 today....ROBERT REDFORD...what a great career that features how man performance OSCARS ?? Unbelievably...Redford's ONLY OSCAR IS FOR DIRECTING !! The picture is "Ordinary People"...how could he not win for BUTCH CASSIDY....or THE STING ???
WED-08/19/15 Let's "PLAY BALL" on Q.I. today...the great BILL VEECK (as in Wreck) today in 1951 had his St. Louis Browns sign and activate this player for 1 day/1 at bat...he walked on 4 pitches and walked into baseball immortality...can you name him ?? May not have been very "P-C", but it was a promotions bonanza...he was "a midget", but he was mighty...EDDIE GAEDEL !!! Leave it to Veeck...devil
THU-08/20/15 Back to "The Sixtys"this morning on Q.I. This Jacqueline Sussanne novel about the sordid side of Hollywood life rockets to the No.1 Best Seller and soon huge Box Office success as well !! Give me it's name ?? Patterned loosely (supposedly) on the experiences of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Judy Garland...they tried to make it with a little help from the "dolls" (amphetamines, cocaine and the like)..."VALLEY OF THE DOLLS" !! no
FRI-08/14/15 A son was born today to the Milne Family...A.A. and his wife Daphne...and sooooooooo may of us grew up looking through his eyes at this fantasy world come alive...what was that young boy's name though ?? A.A. Milne's son was...of course...CHRISTOPHER ROBIN...MILNE !! And, of course, his/our friend WINNIE THE POOH !!


KC Stevens



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