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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to answer a trivia question and win a prize.  Have fun and good luck!!


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MON-11/24/14 John Froelich was born today in 1849 and, safe to say, his invention fundamentally changed life here in DeKalb Co. and all across this country...care to take a guess at what it is ??

It's THE 1ST INTERNAL- COMBUSTION TRACTION MOTOR...aka...THE TRACTOR !! He sold it ultimately to John Deere in 1918 for over 2 mill.           


This iconic CHILDHOOD TOY started out as wallpaper cleaner...whaddya suppose it could be ?? You could mold it into most anything...gotta luv PLAY DOH !!!
WED-11/26/14 The great "CASABLANCA" debuts today in theatres in 1942...so many great lines and characters...starring Humphrey Bogart as the owner of Ric's Cafe American...we all know Ric, but Ric had a LAST NAME...do you know it ?? That would be RIC BLAINE...ex-patriot American...hard on the outside, but with "a heart of gold"...kinda... :)
THU-11/20/14 FAMOUS FIRST today...his name is GARRETT MORGAN, black entrepeneur, who patented this day a device that we automobile drivers would be lost without...what is it ?? Morgan's patent was fpr the first 3-Position TRAFFIC SIGNAL ...Happy Motoring :)
FRI-11/21/14 Today...go back to 1877...and the 1st invention from THOMAS EDISON...the phonograph...which he discovered while trying to invent a device to record telephone communication. What childhood song did Edison record to play back ?? We all remember "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB" don't we !!


Ken Misch


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