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The "Shoe Share" program will provide gently worn gym shoes to children, youths and young adults in need of some for the upcoming school year.

Between now and July 27th, you can drop off your old but wearable gym shoes at locations around DeKalb County, including:

     DeKalb County Health Department, 2550 N. Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb

     Haish Gym, 303 South 9th Street, DeKalb

     Kishwaukee YMCA, 2500 N. Bethany Road, DeKalb

     Sandwich Public Library, 925 South Main Street, Sandwich

     Genoa Fitness Center, 333 East First Street, Genoa

The DeKalb County Health Department is holding this collection along with its community partners:  DeKalb Iron and Metal Company (containers); The Laundry Lounge (washing and sanitizing of shoes) and the Kiwanis Club (sorting, organizing and distributing shoes).

All shoes should be clean and either new or gently used; all sizes are welcome, and replacement of torn or frayed laces is encouraged.

For more information, contact Michelle Gibson at (815) 748-2408

KC Stevens



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