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The DeKalb Public Library is hosting an Assistive and Accessible Technology Workshop on Saturday October 27th from 12 - 2 PM as part of Disability Awareness Month. 
Learn what assistive technology (e.g., devices that help people accomplish specific tasks) and accessible technology (e.g., devices that can be used by people of all abilities) are as well as the ways they have driven innovation and shaped our society--did you know, for example, that text messaging and smart phones were invented for deaf users?
During the interactive portion of the workshop, you can take apart and (attempt to) rebuild a few examples of assistive and accessible technology, brainstorm ways to make existing technologies more accessible, or design entirely new assistive or accessible tech.
Gisela Guzman (currently pursuing an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling at NIU and serving as President of the NIU Disability Advocacy and Ally Association) and Aziz Zeidieh (currently pursuing a BA in Digital Media and working as a freelance professional photographer and audio/video editor) will co-lead the workshop.
For more info check out their event page at www.facebook.com/events/1750607358386837/

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2pm-7pm (Weekdays)

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