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Rockford man going back to prison after murder acquittal


A Rockford man has been sentenced to prison in another case after serving a decade behind bars for a homicide he was later acquitted of committing.

The Rockford Register Star reports 36-year-old Anthony Ross was sentenced Tuesday to 11 years and three months in federal prison for firearms and drug counts. The father of six said during sentencing that he couldn't find a better-paying job to support his family after he was released from prison. He said he let frustration "overpower and cloud my judgment."

Ross was convicted of murder in the 2002 fatal shooting of 8-year-old DeMarcus Hanson. Ross was acquitted and released from prison after serving a decade of a 50-year prison sentence.

Ross' defense attorney Tuesday requested a seven-year sentence, arguing time in state prison traumatized Ross.

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