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United Way volunteers spot fire on Prospect Street; occupants escape


A team of volunteers for Thursday’s United Way Day of Caring wound up providing far more valuable help…as they spotted a fire at a home on Prospect Street, and were able to warn the residents to get out.

Fire broke out in the garage of a home at 902 Prospect Street about 12:30 p.m.  The Daily Chronicle says the foursome from First National Bank were going through the neighborhood leaving door hangers with information on the county’s new 211 service.

But Cassie Guerrero says they wound up calling 911 after seeing the smoke, and immediately charged towards the house; a total of eight people live in the house, most of whom were on the scene…and all were able to get out safely.

The other volunteers along with Guerrero were Jay Riippi, Sue Schafer and Nicole Fisch.

Fire spread from the garage to the attached house, and it took 90 minutes to bring it under control; one person on the scene was taken to Kishwaukee Hospital, and the DeKalb Fire Department says they were treated for smoke inhalation and released.

Firefighters say it was caused by a freezer being used in the garage; the house was judged to be uninhabitable, and the residents received help from the DeKalb Park District – who loaned them the use of the Haish Gym for a few hours – and the American Red Cross.

Damage to the home is estimated at $75,000.

KC Stevens



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