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Sycamore City Council rejects senior housing proposal


In the face of overwhelming opposition from nearby residents, the Sycamore City Council unanimously rejected a proposal to build a low-income senior residence in town – a decision greeted with applause, from homeowners who have been fighting the proposal for weeks.

The Council concurred with its Planning Commission, which had recommended against the placement of the home by developer Gardner Capital; it was to have gone into a vacant lot on Hathaway Drive, next to Blain’s Farm and Fleet.

Opponents said the plan would have resulted in too high a density for the neighborhood, which is comprised of condominiums and single-family homes.

Tom Brantley form Gardner Capital was unable to attend the meeting, and had hoped the city would delay a final decision until next month; but Council members were unwilling to drag out the matter even longer, and Mayor Curt Lang says the final decision was obvious.

Mayor Lang says the company is welcome to submit another proposal, if it’s at a different and less-contentious location.


KC Stevens



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