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Sycamore considers three-year capital improvement plan


Sycamore is considering a three-year capital improvement plan to handle everything from repairs to streets and sidewalks, to replacement of vehicles and well equipment; but the city also has to do that within the confines of its current budget, and not implement any new taxes.

The plan discussed at Monday night’s City Council meeting calls for nearly $30 million in capital improvement projects; about 96 percent would be infrastructure improvements related to Phase III of the treatment plant expansion, as well as the city’s street maintenance program.

Mayor Curt Lang says there’s plenty of city rolling stock and properties which need maintenance or replacement, but they hope to do this work without any undue burden on taxpayers.

City officials also noted that as a precaution, police increased their presence at Sycamore High School last Thursday following the school shooting in Florida.  Police and firefighters responded in force to a fire alarm at the school that day, but nothing serious was found.

KC Stevens



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