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Governor Bruce Rauner isn’t taking a measure to draw half-a-billion dollars from other state funds to fund dried up programs in the current fiscal year seriously.

State Senator Dan Kotowski passed a measure out of committee Tuesday that he says would take money from special interest funds to pay for essential services like child care in the current fiscal year.

Rauner says his administration has met regularly with legislative leaders with a recent three-hour meeting Monday. As for Kotowski’s measure, Rauner says it doesn’t go far enough.
As for a timeline on a proposal to fund the current fiscal year shortfall and an outline of what funds his office is looking to sweep from, Rauner says he doesn’t want to jump the gun on the legislature.

State Senate Democrats Tuesday proposed freeing nearly six-hundred-million dollars from other funds to help patch a hole in the current budget. Rauner says the state has a one-point-six-billion dollars hole in the current fiscal year.



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