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DeKalb County’s Narcan overdose treatment program has scored another save.

County officials say an officer trained to use the heroin overdose treatment medication was able to save the life of an OD victim in Sandwich last month. 

The Sandwich police responded on October 16th to a call of a female who was not breathing; one officer tried CPR, while the other administered Narcan, and the victim revived.  She was taken to Valley West Hospital in Sandwich for further treatment.

The County launched its Narcan Overdose Prevention Program in March of 2014; police from the Sheriff’s Department and other police agencies have been trained in how to give a heroin patient Narcan and reverse a potentially fatal overdose.  This is the second heroin OD victim in DeKalb County to be saved this way since the program started.

County Board Chairman Mark Pietrowski says he’s looking at beginning Phase II of the program, which will extend training sessions to include family members and certain agencies.  Phase II may also include educational drug awareness visits with schools around DeKalb County.

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