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NIU BOT freezes tuition, lowers student fees for 2018-19


Tuition at Northern Illinois University will remain frozen for the next academic year, while other fees have been lowered.

The Board of Trustees on Thursday voted in favor of the schedule of fees for the 2018-19 school year; tuition will remain at $348 per credit hour for the first 11 hours…and those with 12 or more hours will have their tuition capped at $5,332 per semester.

Students in engineering and computer science will pay an extra $40 per credit hour.

The cap is intended to encourage students to take heavier course loads and graduate quickly; in keeping with state policy, the rate will remain constant for nine consecutive semesters.

The board also approved a half-percent decrease in student fees, and a 30-cent-per-credit-hour reduction in the Athletic Program fee.

Room and board rates for double occupancy rooms will remain unchanged.

P.J. Harrigan



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