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The Sycamore Park District is closing its Community Center, in anticipation of opening a new one as part of the referendum approved by voters last fall.

The current Community Center on Fair Street has been leased by the Park District over the past eight years; shutting it down will allow the Park District to save on the rental fees, and free up its staff for operating its programs elsewhere…and for planning the new center.

The current Sycamore Community Center will be closed as of June 30; Fitness Center renewals will be discontinued, and membership fees already paid for the period beyond the end of June will be refunded.

With no place to hold many of its programs, Sycamore has worked out an agreement with the DeKalb Park District; Sycamore residents will be eligible to use DeKalb facilities for fitness, martial arts and children’s programs.  The two park districts have issued a joint resolution outlining the agreement; it will not cover use of golf courses, athletic programs or the outdoor pool.

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