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The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is going high-tech; Sheriff Roger Scott says the department has launched a new Facebook page, and is making a new app available to phone users across the county.

The Mobile Patrol Public Safety App can be downloaded to your phone; enter your zip code, and you get information targeted to your neighborhood.

Users can get information on weather and road conditions, suspects on the sheriff’s Most Wanted list, sex offender location lists, and missing children alerts.

The Mobile Patrol app can also let individuals give crime tips to the sheriff’s office; they can send information, complete with video and still photos, directly to the department.  This would be for non-emergency use only; users must still dial 911 in an emergency.

Sheriff Scott says this program has been in the works for several months, and has been developed in conjunction with Appriss, a public safety software services company.  It’s available through Google, Play Store or App Store.



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