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While the Sycamore Park District seeks a referendum from voters on a major district-wide improvement plan, necessary construction on another project is getting underway in the next couple of weeks.

Beginning in mid-September, the District will be doing paving work at the Sycamore Golf Course clubhouse, as well as other facilities around town.  The object is to make facilities accessible by path, and bring the park district into line with the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Parking spaces and curb cuts will be added to permit wheelchair access at eleven different locations…ranging from the sports complex and the tennis court area at Sycamore Park, to various other parks in town.  Some of the work in the clubhouse parking area will help deal with drainage issues caused by the course’s recurring problems with flooding.

The contract for all this work is for just over $315,000; if weather doesn’t get in the way, it should be done by the end of October.


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